logo + website content

THBoyd Communications was contracted by Coastal Plain EOA, Inc., to develop a new logo and complete a two-phase website audit and redesign.

Phase I: Content Audit and Logo Design 

  • Scan and catalog existing website content and identify gaps and quality of content
  • Coordinate with Coastal Plain EOA administration to identify specific needs for revised website design and content
  • Coordinate with graphic designer to develop a new logo for Coastal Plain EOA

Phase II: Website Content Revisions and Website Redesign Project Management http://www.coastalplain.org/

  • Coordinate with Coastal Plain Area EOA administration to identify new content for the website
  • Update and create new content for the website and provide photography
  • Serve as project manager and liaison between Virtual World Technology to redesign website


Developed advertising concept for Kellyann’s placement in Valdosta Magazine. THBoyd Communications also provides social media content (including photography) for Kelly Ann’s, a boutique accessories retailer located in Valdosta, Georgia.